Mann zeigt Roma-Jungen, wie er mit Plättchen richtig zählen lernt.

wortundtat – Serving people

Social-welfare Church sponsored projects are customised for people and for meeting their situation

In addition to state welfare services, non-governmental organisations around the world are essential when services are needed for people requiring special aid. With the wortundtat partners, such Church endorsed services have often been the starting point for ever-expanding projects. And all projects are linked to the chance of learning about the Christian faith.

Tanzania – Community centres for people in villages in the Tunduru district

In the remote south of Tanzania, attractive life prospects for young people are scarce. Whoever wants to develop and exploit their skills, the only real option is to leave the region for the big city. The Tanzanian wortundtat Partners provide support to hope centres which contribute to slowing down the exodus from rural areas. Various basic craft skills are taught at the community facilities. Community is maintained and the future can be planned to some degree. At the same time, the whole village wins: A pool of people with new skills is created. This knowledge serves the village community. In addition to smallholder farming, there are additional sources of income. The region can develop together with its inhabitants..

A young man planes. Others watch.

A young man shows what he has learned at the opening of a hope centre in southern Tanzania.

News about our programmes in Tanzania

Water for Tanzania

Water for Tanzania

In the future, three new wells will supply the facility that wortundtat supports in Tanzania. The wells used so far were no longer reliable enough. A new well is needed for a new project.

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Republic of Moldova – Aid for the young and old in the poorest country in Europe

The State pension in the Republic of Moldova is only enough for a small number of pensioners to live on. Often, they cannot afford heating or food, a doctor’s visit or clothing, medication or a repair to their home. So many people are hungry, live in housing in a state of disrepair or wear threadbare clothing.

The contributions made to the on-site wortundtat partners are correspondingly versatile: Clothes banks, social workers who make house calls, a soup kitchen or a building team fixing dilapidated houses are just some of the services that help those who are suffering most. Three day-care centres also intercept children’s needs – especially those whose parents are working abroad and who live with their grandparents. With a lot of love and imagination, the caregivers create spaces and activities where children are occupied in an age-appropriate way, offering opportunities for stimulating their imagination.

Building with spacious garden, playground equipment and trees in the sunshine.

At the day-care centre at Vulkanesti, children have great opportunities to play, experience community, get help with household chores or a healthy lunch.

News about our programmes in the Republic of Moldova

Greece – Treatment and care on the streets of Athens

Treatment and care on the streets of Athens

For refugees, Greece is usually just a transit stopover. In the long term, few want to stay and integration efforts offered by the Greek State are scarcely available. Other reasons why refugees have low chances of entering Greece’s labour market are high unemployment rates, language barriers and bureaucratic hurdles.

Moreover, state aid for refugees is scarce and often insufficient for meeting daily needs. So, they are virtually dependent on social services and projects. In several places in Athens, wortundtat with its partner offers free meals, a clothes bank, washing machines, showers and community centres. It also provides learning and medical aid and offers basic religious courses for people who want to learn about the Christian faith.

Other people who have insufficient income and who can only survive with outside help also benefit from these activities.

A table with food, people standing in line

Helpers distribute meals on the streets of Athens to people who cannot afford food: homeless people, refugees, impoverished pensioners or people who have come to Athens from Eastern Europe.

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Germany – Young people learning about positive integration

In Dortmund’s Borsigplatzviertel, people from diverse cultural backgrounds meet up. Many of them initially do not know how integration in Germany “works”. They are even more lost when it comes to overcoming bureaucratic hurdles.

In the protected environment of the Stern im Norden, they can learn the rules of interacting with each other. They get help to sort out the paperwork needed by state offices and agencies. And they practice peaceful, constructive coexistence in diverse groups. Especially for children, teens and young people who visit the Stern, the activities are enriching. And the relationships they establish there offer them security in an often-challenging environment.

Kinder sitzen an einem Tisch und basteln - im Vordergrund farbige Buntstifte

Kinder basteln Laternen im Dortmunder Stern im Norden.

News about our programmes in Germany

An example of how you can help

With just 19 Euros

per week, you can provide healthy meals for five children at the Dortmund Stern im Norden.

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Mann zeigt Roma-Jungen, wie er mit Plättchen richtig zählen lernt.

Tailor-made learning

Education is essential to gain independence as human beings, so as not to be dependent on others for a lifetime, to be able to assess and harness the opportunities that the world offers.

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wortundtat closes gaps in the health system

wortundtat partners provide a remedy where the state health system does not reach people who need support or treatment.