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Transparency – open and comprehensible in the use of your donations

At wortundtat, all donations reach the people in need in full.This principle is the promise that the charity makes to all its friends, supporters and outsiders. wortundtat can guarantee it, because all our administration costs and the costs of publicity and advertising are covered by an annual special donation from the Deichmann Foundation.

We allow our partners plenty of freedom in the way they structure their work. At the same time, we support them continuously and offer suggestions and help where we think that aid could be more effective. Our Constitution (only in German language) sets out the aims of our work and that the way that the organisation and its bodies operate (only in German language).

Our accounts are regularly examined by independent external auditors. The auditors have so far always issued their auditors’ confirmation without qualification (Extract from the Annual Accounts for the year ending 31.12.2020 – only in German language). The projects of our Indian project partner AMG India International predominate on the expenditure side. More than 50% of the income is financed by the Dr Heinz-Horst Deichmann Foundation.

Sources of income

2020 Annual Accounts

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the work in our projects changed considerably in 2020. Schools and training centres, for example, had to close temporarily, and food programmes could not be offered to the usual extent or in the usual way. New support systems had to be temporarily set up. It is therefore impossible to directly compare expenditure and income for 2020 with that of the previous years.

wortundtat invested over 7.8 million euros in 2020. Of this, over 7.6 million euros (97.4%) went into the programmes in each country, mainly to India. Just under 200,000 euros went on administration, advertising and publicity work.

Distribution of expenses

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